Marist Volunteers

As people grow in their baptismal commitment, they feel the call to mission beyond their boundaries. We provide a process where those who feel called to take up this task for a time can prepare for such a role, through insertion into Marist mission in the Pacific and beyond.

Volunteer Options:

Immersion  -  Year 13 students from Marist schools.

Gap ‘Year’  -  Immediate post secondary school or during university studies or before work.

Marist Lay Partners  -  Teachers in Marist schools, University gap year.

Champagnat Marist Lay Missionaries  -  Committed Marist Lay Partners.


What to do?

To express an interest in volunteering contact Br Kevin Wanden

For information further afield see the Marist Volunteers Network international website

Check out the video at 


Some of the many options available - click on the country or region for more details.

Fiji - Immersion experience or volunteering at the Champagnat Institute.  

Lebanon - The Fratelli Project assists Syrian refugee children.  This has a summer programme and longer volunteer options.  The link is to the website.  At the bottom of the page you will find links to social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube).

Samoa - Teaching support at Marist Brothers Primary School or St Joseph's College.

Southern Africa - The Three2Six holiday programme with refugee children or a number of opportunities in school settings.

Vietnam - The New Horizons and Sunrise projects provide educational opportunities for disadvantaged young people.