Lay Marist Vocations

The vocations to the Marist Laity are a relatively new process. The idea of Marist Laity developed gradually over time when the Brothers introduced children and communities to the Marist Charism. People of all ages and background have found themselves attracted to the Champagnat Marist charism and have decided to call themselves 'Marists'. This idea of vocations to a group of Marist Lay is still developing but is becoming more of a formal arrangement as more and more people find themselves wishing to become 'Marist'.

Lay Champagnat Marists, then, are people who choose to live out the charism (gift of the Holy Spirit given to the Church) of St Marcellin Champagnat, the founder of the Marist Brothers (fms). They do this with a sense of vocation drawn to the Marial spirituality which resides in the charism. We live this vocation by being co-responsible with the brothers for Marist mission, especially to young people and youth on the margins, and shared life with brothers and one another.

The Brothers and lay persons have been working towards supporting this growing idea. The formation page shows some of these ways.