A Retreat with Mary

Pondering like Mary - A Self-directed Retreat


This self-directed retreat focuses on eight moments in Mary’s journey of faith which provide a source of reflection for our own faith journey.

  • Mary of the Annunciation
  • Mary of the Visitation
  • Mary of the Magnificat
  • Mary of Bethlem
  • Mary of Nazareth
  • Mary of Cana
  • Mary of Calvary
  • Mary of the Cenacle

The retreat uses a Lectio Divina process.  This is a contemplative way of reading Scripture in which it speaks to us personally and aids that union we have with God through Jesus Christ who is himself the Living Word.


While eight moments are offered retreatants you may modify the number of moments to fit your situation.


You may wish to use a scripture commentary for each of the readings.  One option is the Sacred Space website operated by the Society of Jesus in Ireland:



Select a quiet place where you can have privacy.  In addition to a Bible and a candle you may wish to have additional symbols such as an image appropriate to the moment, flowers etc.


A morning prayer is offered for each day.  You may wish to incorporate the gospel and other readings from the lectionary for the day.

For evening prayer, it is suggested that the Review-of-the-Day is used.

Introductory Statements:

These are drawn from the section, With Mary as our Model, page 41, In the Footsteps of Marcellin Champagnat: A Vision for Marist Education Today.


As this retreat is self-paced it can be as flexible as you like.