Lectio Divina


A time of contemplating Sacred Scripture

In a quiet space slowly become aware of the presence of God.
Select a passage of Scripture (the Sunday Gospel or the Gospel of the day)
and follow the process outlined below.

  Reading (Lectio):
Read the Scripture passage slowly, at least twice.
If a word or phrase or idea seems important, take note of it.

  Reflection (Meditatio):
Allow the important word, phrase or idea to enter your thoughts.
Be with the words, recognising that you are in God’s presence.
Allow the Holy Spirit to lead your awareness of the words.

  Prayer (Oratio):
Let your heart speak to God.
Use the words of the Scripture passage.
or the thoughts that emerged during your reflection on them.

4   Contemplation (Contemplatio):
Let go of words or thoughts and allow yourself to rest in the presence
of God in simple and wordless contemplation.
Listen to God, open your mind, heart and soul to the influence of God. 

 The USA Catholic Bishops website, http://www.usccb.org/bible/readings has the daily readings, an audio version and a video reflection.

 Br Kieran Fenn FMS has a commentary on the Sunday Gospel at http://www.maristbrothers.org.nz/spirituality/sunday-gospel-commentary/

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Marist Spirituality in the tradition of St. Marcellin Champagnat SM