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Posted 8 years ago

Solidarity – Kaikohe & Auckland Champagnat Marist Groups

Marist-to-Marist has traditionally been centered around our schools – a New Zealand Champagnat Marist school partnering with a Champagnat Marist Pacific school to assist with a local school need (e.g. funds to purchase a class set of bibles in their native language). On Saturday 13 February a new Marist-to-Marist initiative will take place when a Champagnat Marist Group in Auckland travels to Kaikohe (approximately 230kms north) to spend time together in mission and life over the weekend. We look forward to hearing more about the developments of this new partnership in solidarity as well as being inspired by this outreach. Maybe there is an opportunity on the horizon for other Champagnat Marist groups to establish links and come together in solidarity?

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