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Posted 8 years ago

An OEL Project

Br David Lavin reports on a ‘revived’ initiative in Samoa.  In the days of Br Jerome and Fr Bob Leamy here in Samoa there was a problem getting trained teachers for our schools. So, they started their own Training School, resulting in many young men becoming teachers at Mulivai and beyond - three at least serving 40 years plus at Mulivai.

The difficulty in employing Religious Education teachers for our schools has prompted looking at other options.  As Religious Education is the number one core subject it is our intention to address the issue by training our own young people, as has been done in the previous generation.  OEL stands for ‘Old Era Leadership’.


Week One:

  • thank you for the messages of support and the helpful advise
  • one young lady and one young man already interested in joining the project. The lady unfortunately may have to be discouraged as she could be beyond our financials
  • another young lady and young man nominated as possible candidates
  • volunteer teacher offered for the first weeks of our new term, April 18 so we are straight up and running from Monday 11 April


Important details

  • please communicate all personal interest, suggestions eg directly to Br. David Lavin  on  email
  • pay cap will match the Brothers stipend... can’t promise more than that

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