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Evangelisation is the Essence of the Marist Mission

Based on: Evangelizers in the Midst of Youth, (2011), pars. 85-90.

The person of Jesus of Nazareth is the foundation for the mission of the Church in the world: to proclaim the Gospel to all people, and thereby helping to build the Reign of God on earth. The Church is sent on mission by Jesus, so that, strengthened by the Holy Spirit, the Church will show to people everywhere the face of Divine Love and the true meaning of human life.

Jesus and his Gospel is the reason for all we are, and all we are doing, as Marists. Marcellin laid out the essence of the Marist mission, “to make Jesus Christ known and loved.”

Marcellin challenges us to be bold and creative in our efforts as we walk with our students on their journeys of human and Christian development. Our Marist educational vision is based on an holistic view of the human person. Promoting human growth through education is inherent in the process of evangelisation.

In a Marist school we help our students to:

• Become aware of their personal identity.

• Have the freedom to look at their future with hope.

• See themselves as playing a leading role in their communities.

• Be transforming agents in their own circumstances.

• Integrate faith and life.

May we like Marcellin use our skills and resources “to make Jesus Christ known and loved.”

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