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Posted 8 years ago

Marist Horizon course

MBH 2The week began with the sessions on the Keys of Interiority by our Vicar General Br. Joseph McKee. It elaborates on the personal journey and the experience of one’s spiritual life, community and the ministry he has been entrusted to.

The value of being mindful of what is happening now and to experience Christ in all that is happening within us. The importance of the fraternity of community life which is the strong hold of our life where we draw our brotherhood, supporting one another and have a brother to brother talk when it is needed.

When these happen in a proper and disciplined way then our ministries which flourish and people will admire the way we live as Brothers. There were also times in the program for each Brother to share about his life journey and experiences. May we continue to pray for one another and nourish our life in Christ.

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