Teaching Strategies

A range of stratergies to improve teaching and learning.


The KITE method


Thinking Skills: de Bono

PMI: Plus, Minus, Interesting
List positive, negative and inreresting things about an idea. Download PDF

C&S: Consequences and Sequel
Helps to identify the short, medium, and long term consequences of each action. Download PDF

CAF:Consider all the Facts
Helps to assess decisions to see what factors have been left out. Download PDF

OPV:Other People’s Views
Helps to consider an idea from another person's viewpoint. Download PDF

EBS: Examine Both Sides
Helps to identify the other side's argument. Download PDF

AGO: Aims, Goals, Objectives
Helps to understand another person's thinking by seeing their objectives. Download PDF

Thinking Skills:

APC: Alternatives, Possibilities, Choices
Helps to find alternatives, possibilities and choices. Download PDF

Choices and Consequences
A matrix to identify the consequences of different choices related to an action. Download PDF

CTF: Compare The Facts
Helps to compare the facts relating to a decision. Download PDF

IT: If-Then
Helps to identify the consequences of a particular action or decision. Download PDF

RAD: Recognise, Analyse, Divide
Helps to break a large concept into smaller parts. Download PDF

KFILN: download PDF

SCAMPER: download PDF

Seven Strip Questions: download PDF

Thinking Hats (de Bono): download PDF

Action Shoes (de Bono): download PDF

Smarty Pants (based on Multiple Intelligences): download PDF

Bloom's Cognative Taxonomy: download PDF

Anderson's Revised Taxonomy: download PDF