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Posted 8 years ago

Donald Teixeira’s 75 Birthday and 50 years of service in the Pacific.

birthdayThe Brothers gathered on Friday the 8th at Tearaoreke to celebrate Br. Donald’s 75th birthday. It was also an occasion to acknowledge and reminiscing on Don’s adventurous and illustrious 50 years of service in the Islands of the Pacific - Fiji, American Samoa, Samoa and Kiribati. Currently, Don is the missionary doyen of brothers from New Zealand who are working in the Islands. He has been teaching for 54 years and still is, today, apart from his role as the Director of Catholic Education in Kiribati. According to a reliable source, out of those 54 years Don missed only one day of teaching. At 75, Donald is still full of sap, still fresh, and still green.

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