Board Resources

The resources below are provided to assist Board formation in the Champagnat Marist charism


Commissioning Liturgy

This can be used for new Board members.  Open and download


Champagnat Marist Charism and Spirituality   

Charism and Spirituality 1 – a brief explanation about the concepts of charism and spirituality including the Elements of Spirituality and Pillars of the Charism.  Open and download


Charism 2 – an outline of the relationship between the Charism, Mission and Schools.  Open and download


Champagnat Marist Lay

A link to two documents about Lay Champagnat Marists:  Open and download

Gathered Around the Same Table

Champagnat Movement of the Marist Family


St Marcellin Champagnat SM

Fourviere – an article which outlines the beginning of the Marist project.  Open and download

What motivated Marcellin? – some quotes from St Marcellin about the origins of the Marist Brothers.  Open and download

Events in Marcellin’s Life – identifies some significant moments in the life of St Marcellin.  Open and download



Champagnat Marist School – these resources give an overview of the identity of a Champagnat Marist school and the aims of religious education. 

Identity and Ethos of a Champagnat Marist School   Open and download


Religious Education in a Champagnat Marist School   Open and download



Champagnat Marist School in New Zealand and the Pacific – a brief outline of the establishment of Marist education.  Open and download


Meeting Prayers – a selection of prayers for use in meetings on various Marist themes.  Open and download


Contacts and Links   Open and download