Formation Modules

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As Champagnat Marists, we seek to experience through our lives and work, ‘a living and dynamic experience of God, contemplative and action oriented at the same time’ (WFTR, p10).  

Good governance relies on board members having a clear understanding of the respective constitution, policies and procedures in order to appropriately exercise their role.  Essential to this understanding is a deep and developing appreciation of our work as part of God’s mission, exercised in the name of the Catholic Church, with a Marist way of seeking to live the Gospel and make Jesus known and loved especially among the young.  An attempt to describe through reflection and prayer, the Marist way is captured in the spirituality document for Champagnat Marists worldwide, titled, Water from the Rock (WFTR).  It is recommended reading for all who work and volunteer in Marist Schools and Ministries and is a key source document that informs Marist spiritual formation.  

The word ‘formation’ comes from the Latin formare, meaning ‘to shape’.  It is an intentional process that is ongoing and reflective.  Champagnat Marist formation focusses on the development of individuals and communities from their lived experience, in spiritual awareness, theological understanding, and capability for mission. 

The work of board members is greatly valued by the Marist Brothers and, while assisting in meeting responsibilities for matters such as strategic direction, compliance and governance, importantly boards are responsible for the evolution of the Marist way and ethos of the organisation. 

Thank you for your generosity in serving on a Champagnat Marist Board. May these formation modules enrich your work and its meaning.

Today the Spirit that was so active in our founder longs to live and breathe in you and me.  Br Sean Sammon (Former Superior General)   

These modules have been adapted to a New Zealand context from material developed by the Mission and Life Team of the Province of Australia.

Module Overview

Module 1 – The Marist Story

1A: The Mission of God   PDF 

In Part 1A, we will reflect upon the Mission of God as the Good News of Jesus coming into the world and how this good news governs the Catholic Church’s social teaching.


1B: The Marist Project  PDF

Part 1B will focus on the Marist Project, St Marcellin, his charism and the Marist Story as a wonderful gift of the spirit to the Catholic Church today.


Module 2 – Catholic Identity and Christian Spirituality

2A: Our Catholic Identity and Christian Spirituality  PDF

In this module, we will explore some of our Catholic traditions and how our Christian spirituality flows from our understanding of who we are and how we live our lives in relationship with God and others.


2B: Champagnat Marist Spirituality  PDF

Part 2B will explore some of the dimensions of Champagnat Marist spirituality which have come down to us from St Marcellin and the early Brothers.


Module 3 – The Marist Approach to Ministry

3A: Ministry – A Marian Approach  PDF

In this module we will explore our Champagnat Marist approach to ministry. We will consider the Marian approach to our work and life, describe and express what it means to be a Marian leader.


3B: Ministry – Champagnat Marist Dimensions  PDF

This module explores the dimensions of Champagnat Marist education and links them to the wider mission of the Church and the Calls of the XXII General Chapter.


Module 4 – Faith Leadership and Discernment

4A: Faith Leadership  PDF

Part 4A will help you to develop an understanding of what the term ‘faith leadership’ means in the context of our Marist mission and Catholic social teaching.


4B: Discernment  PDF

Discernment is a vital aspect of faith leadership.  In this module we look at a discernment processes of dialogue and reflection, guided by the Holy Spirit, in support of the best possible outcomes being ensured.


Module squares graphic