Review of the Day

Focusing on what God is doing in your day

1   Presence of God, and Thanksgiving:
Allow your body and mind to slow down.
Become aware of the presence of God.
Thank God for the day.

Loving God,
Thank you for the gift of this day and for all that has occurred in it.

2   Prayer for Enlightenment:
Ask the Holy Spirit to make you aware of what He wants you to listen to now.

Holy Spirit of God,
open the ears of my heart
that I may be aware of what You
would have me be aware.

3   Discernment:
Ponder like Mary on the events of the day.
Allow the experiences of the day to come into your awareness.
Let God take control – whatever comes, simply allow it to stay.
Let its memory touch your heart.
Ask the Lord what he is saying to you in this.
Who or what is leading you in this life?
How was the Lord calling you this day?
How did you respond?
In what way have you been Christ to family today?
How have you been Christ to other people?
Humbly ask forgiveness for your weaknesses and lack of generosity.
Be grateful for the Lord’s healing.

Gracious God,
I ask forgiveness for my weakness,
my lack of generosity.
Through your grace
may I seek to be more like you.

4   Focus for the Future:
What are your present feelings?
What have you learnt from today?
Trusting in God’s merciful love, pray for the grace
to respond with more faith in the future.

Thank you for walking with me during this day,
for the time when you spoke to my heart
and gently led me towards your love.
Increase my faith.

5   Final Prayer:

Dear Lord, three things I pray:
to see you more clearly,
to love you more dearly,

and to follow you more nearly, day by day.

St Richard of Chichester (1197-1253)

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