Calls of the XXII General Chapter

Calls of the XXII General Chapter

Call 1 - As a global charismatic family, a beacon of hope in this turbulent world

Call1Jesus, today you continue to call us to relate to others in a fundamentally new way (Mark 3:20-31, 31-35), to listen to your Word and put it into practice, with urgency and without excluding anyone.















Call 2 - To be the face and hands of your tender mercy

Call2The promise of your Spirit in our lives (Luke 1: 35) urges us to be prophets of mercy and of being brothers and sisters to all.
















Call 3 - Inspire our creativity to be bridge-builders

Call3Like Mary at Cana (John 2: 3), we feel challenged by the needs of the world around us.















Call 4 - To journey with children and young people living on the margins of life

Call4We search for you, Jesus, like Mary, in the caravans of life, in the tumult of our cities (Luke 2: 41-49), and in the masses of displaced people who are seeking a better future for their children.
















Call 5 - To respond boldly to emerging needs

Call7Jesus, you went through life doing good and yet many of your contemporaries interpreted your actions narrowly, simply because you were a Galilean, a carpenter, and the son of Mary (Mark 6:2-3).